Bottom Discount

Who qualifies for the Bottom Discount?

Since this bottom discount is for skills-based BDSM workshops, I am using the term ‘bottom’ to denote anyone on the right side of the slash. This includes, but is not limited to, submissives, slaves, property, pets, prey or any other label you wish to use. If you are on the receiving end of the play, you qualify for this discount.

Switches, if they intend to bottom for the type of play being taught may also take advantage of the bottom discount.

This policy works on the honour system – if you self-identify as a person on the receiving end of play, you qualify for the bottom discount.

What is the Bottom Discount?

Quite simply, it is a 50% discount for bottoms who attend my classes. It also works as a bit of a ‘couples price’ if a Top and bottom attend together, they get a bit of a break on the cost.

Why do you have a Bottom Discount?

When you go to workshops you see lots of tops, some solo, some in groups, some paired up with their bottom. You rarely see solo bottoms.

I want to encourage bottoms to educate themselves on safe play. It can help keep them safe. It can help them to determine who is a safe partner to play with. They are better able to give informed consent to play.

A lot of what we do is dangerous, we talk about being risk aware but not a whole lot about how to become risk aware.

There is also a huge movement towards edge play in the last few years. When we engage in risky play, both parties must be aware of the risks involved and how to mitigate them. I primarily teach edge play. I would like to see more bottoms who are educated on this sort of play so that they can decide their acceptable risk levels.

When does the Bottom Discount apply?

When I run a skills-based workshop – Play Piercing, Sounding, Fire Play, etc. – bottoms will get 50% off the listed price.

Furthermore, this discount only applies to workshops that I, personally, set up and run. I will encourage people who hire me to offer the discount as well, but I do not have control over what they charge to recover their costs and I’m not enough of a rock star to make those sorts of demands.

I will indicate in the workshop listing that the bottom discount applies.

How do I get the Bottom Discount?

Please note that I do not make guesses as to who is or is not a bottom. It is up to you to tell me when you pay. I won’t make assumptions based on gender, dress or anything else. If you don’t tell me you’re a bottom, you will be charged full price.