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More on Safe Words

I've spoken before about safe words being controversial and I wanted to continue my thoughts on safe words in general. Choosing Safe Words vs Plain Language You and your partner(s) will have to decide if you want to use safe words or plain language. It's a choice that each person should make for … Continue reading
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Are Safewords Controversial?

Have Safewords Become Controversial? Safe words are a well-known aspect of BDSM. We are all aware of the pop culture references to them, the joke that they have become in vanilla society. There has been a backlash against safe words in recent years by parts of the kink community - a group who does … Continue reading
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Legal Fling: Consent App?

I've been hearing a lot about Legal Fling lately, which is supposed to be a consent app. Now, I'm the first to admit that I'm getting older and I may not be as "cool" as I once was, but WTF?!? Requesting Your Consent... Have you heard about this new, yet to be released app called Legal Fling? It … Continue reading
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Negotiation Checklist

We all hear about the importance of negotiation in BDSM play and relationships. This negotiation checklist is meant as a guideline to help you when planning play or dynamics with new people. The list is more oriented towards play, where people will likely have similar topics to discuss, whereas … Continue reading