Coaching & Consulting

BDSM Coaching

Are you looking to improve your BDSM skills, but prefer a more intimate environment rather than a group learning environment?

Ms Morgan Thorne offers individual and couples BDSM Coaching to meet all of your kinky needs. Choose from a wide variety of kink skills to learn, or delve more deeply into D/s relationship dynamics. Learn new ways to improve and strengthen your BDSM relationships, whether they are romantic, casual or anything in between.

Ms Morgan Thorne also offers BDSM Dating Coaching, for those who are looking to form kinky D/s relationships but aren’t sure where to start. Get personalized advice on how to explore the exciting world of BDSM dating and how to improve your chances of meeting that special someone.

Learn about specific coaching sessions, or get ideas to create your own!

BDSM Consulting

Are you looking to add an authentic BDSM element to your film, TV show, book or other projects? Ms Morgan Thorne offers her 20 years of experience in the world of kink to help create powerful yet realistic scenes.

Have your performers trained by a Professional Dominatrix and BDSM Educator, ensuring that they can deliver a performance that is true to life and safe. Morgan Thorne offers a focus on safety along with both the technical and performative aspects of kink. As an active member of the kink community, Morgan can also provide skilled BDSM artists for background or principal roles.

Morgan Thorne can aid in the development of your storyline or a specific scene, as it relates to BDSM. Her skills can help choreograph scenes that are romantic, sensual, harsh or demanding. With a BDSM consultant, you can be sure that your scenes will always be very hot and realistic.

If your story calls for a wild BDSM club scene or a character’s own “red room of pain”, Morgan Thorne has the experience to design these, and any other, kinky sets. Her contacts within the world of BDSM artisans will allow for unique and authentic equipment. Morgan also offers some equipment rental, with an ever-expanding collection of implements, bondage gear and BDSM furniture.