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Online – Playing Doctor: Creating Realistic Medical Role Play

July 7, 2020 @ 7:00 PM EDT


Want more realism in your medical scenes? Whether you’re a true-to-life role player or one who likes to turn reality up a few notches, this workshop aims to help with both approaches.

First, we will look at the huge world of medical fetishism. From historical to modern medical practice (and maybe a few peeks at the possible future), we will discuss some of the most popular kinks. We will also touch on some basic medical terminology from the past and present and look at resources for further research.

Next, we will set the scene. There are two main approaches; the more budget (and space) friendly version and the fantasy, fully equipped playroom. We will look at how to approach each as well as ways to combine the two so that you can have the scenes you want in a way that suits your means. I will show off my medical play space that strikes that perfect balance for me. Don’t worry, I will share my secrets for finding toys and equipment at a reasonable price!

Costuming can also add to the realism of a scene. It’s also an easy way to create an atmosphere on a budget through the appropriate use of PPE and medical clothing.

Finally, it’s time to learn some hands-on skills. We will learn some medical basics, like how to take a set of vitals. I will demonstrate a basic, physical exam and give options for making it more “uncomfortable” if you wish. We will discuss various aspects of more invasive exams but there will not be any live demos of those at this time due to COVID-19 constraints.

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