Introduction to Polyamory

Have you ever thought about opening your relationship to other people? What about starting a new relationship that includes more than two partners?

Starting with some basic definitions, we will look at the different styles of ethical non-monogamy in general and polyamory specifically.

We will delve into a variety of topics such as dealing with jealousy, compression, managing your expectations, navigating breakups, establishing your boundaries as well as the practical aspects of safer sex precautions and sharing your time with multiple partners.

You should expect to do some serious introspection about why you want to try polyamory, identifying your personal insecurities that can lead to jealousy and your suitability for an ethically non-monogamous relationship. You can share as much or as little as you want on this front – after all, consent is the name of the game! There will be exercises that you can download and work through at your own pace to help walk you through these subjects.

This class is designed with both existing couples and single people in mind. It is open to people of all genders and orientations.