July Classes Online

I’m presenting a class every week this month. Mixing some of my most popular classes in with a brand new original class to keep things fresh.

Playing Doctor: Creating Realistic Medical Scenes

This month’s brand new class is Playing Doctor: Creating Realistic Medical scenes. This class will help you understand and use medical terms, dress the part, design a full medical room or add some small touches to transform your bedroom into a clinic space. Learn how to take blood pressure the old fashioned way, check a pulse and other vital signs as well as doing a thorough physical exam. Finally, learn the steps to do some pretty invasive genital and anal exams.

Suture Skills was formerly only available as a part of my Medical Intensive classes but is now available as a stand alone class.

If you’re interested in learning how to suture like a real surgeon and keep your bottom safe at the same time, this class is for you. We go over the basics of medical asepsis, how to properly hold your instruments & the suture needles, as well as three different suture styles.

Bondage for Beginners gives you what the name promises – a number of different bondage techniques you can easily learn with no prior experience.

General bondage safety is always important, so we talk about it first. Explore the world or restraints or plastic wrap bondage. We end with a number of easy to do rope bondage techniques (and some advice on what rope to buy). It’s so easy, you’ll be trying them immediately!

One of my most popular classes, BDSM Basics is a good, general introduction to the world of Kink. First, we discuss the basics, terms, relationship styles, safe words, play – the stuff you need to know to get started. You will find out how to connect with your local community – once the current situation allows, of course – and how to learn more about BDSM.

Then it’s time to get our hands dirty, so to speak. Starting with some sensual spanking techniques that will really get your motor revving. Finally, we end with two really simple rope bondage techniques that you can use right away.

The last class of July is Kinky Dating. This workshop aims to help you navigate the world of dating when you’re looking for both vanilla and BDSM compatibility.

While things are a bit different right now, the advice offered here will work both online and face to face. Time is always set aside to address the specific concerns of the people attending, if they wish to share.

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