November Classes

November is a busy month for classes, get them while they’re hot!

Negotiation is one of the fundamental skills a person needs to explore BDSM. It is how we get the scenes and relationships we want, it ensures that we are on the same page as our partners and helps to ensure that we have affirmative, informed consent. 

Wednesday, November 2 @ 7PM EDT
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Having control of your partner’s orgasm can bring a real sense of power. Having that control extend beyond playtime can be exciting and enjoyable for both parties. In this Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control Workshop, we will discuss three different methods of controlling orgasms.

Sunday, November 6 @ 1PM EST
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Hot wax dripping over your partner’s naked, vulnerable flesh will send shivers of excitement down their spine and a rush of warmth over their skin – nothing more – as you both enjoy the relaxing flickering of the candle-light.

Wednesday, November 9 @ 7PM EST
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Cupping can be a fun and versatile type of play. Fire cupping can be exciting, put on a good show and be an interesting form of sensation play. Cups can be used dry or wet – where the skin is pierced and blood is drawn up into the cup.

Bonus: the bottom often ends up looking like they lost a fight with a giant squid/octopus!

Wednesday, November 16 @ 7PM EST
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Ever wanted to sew your partner to…well, themselves? Learn proper suture techniques for kink & BDSM medical play

Sutures are often talked about but rarely seen, due to the level of skill required. This workshop will give you a basic knowledge of technique so that you can practice and refine your suture skills. Like anything, it takes many hours of practice to get it right!

Sunday, November 20 @ 1PM EST
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Want more terrifying realism in your medical scenes? Whether you’re a true-to-life role player or one who likes to turn reality up a few notches, this workshop aims to help with both approaches. In this version of the workshop, we will focus on some of the frightening characters from our medical nightmares – the Plague Doctor and the Evil Scientist while also keeping a firm grounding in reality.

Wednesday, November 23 @ 7PM EST
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The heat and intensity of fire are what draw us to this type of edge play, but it’s also what makes it dangerous. In this Fire Play Workshop, we will learn, step by step, how to set up a fire play scene.

Sunday, November 27 @ 1PM EST
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Internal genitalia presents some unique challenges and opportunities for torture and torment. Understanding the anatomy of the vulva is key to maximizing your ability to cause squirming (of the good variety). In this Pussy Torture Workshop, we will discuss various features of the anatomy of the vulva which are of interest and how to inflict pain without damage. We will first undertake the anatomy lesson you should have had in school, to better understand the vulva. We will endeavour to find the ‘elusive’ clitoris (spoiler alert: it’s rather hard to miss). We will learn the difference between the vagina and all the rest.

Wednesday, November 30 @ 7PM EST
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