Taboo Tickets

Welcome to the Taboo Tickets giveaway!

Please answer a few simple questions to enter the contest. Winners will be selected on October 31st (are Halloween presents a thing? I feel like they should be!). Each winner will receive 2 tickets to the Everything to do With Sex Show in Toronto from Nov 2nd to Nov 4th. Tickets are good for a single entry each. Winners will be notified and sent their tickets via email.

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What city do you live in?
If I was presenting a workshop in your area, which of these would you most like to attend? You can choose up to 5 different workshops. Feel free to check the workshop descriptions if you are unsure what a class offers.
Would you like a shout out on social media as a winner? If so, please include a name (nicknames are fine!) you would like me to use.

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