September Class Schedule

Holy shit, it’s almost September! The summer always goes quickly but this year it just flew past. I hope everyone enjoyed the warm weather, sweater weather (and worse) is on it’s way!

I wanted to start the month with a few aptly themed (and new) classes and round things out with some of my more popular workshops. Check them out!

**NEW CLASS** Explore the world of kinks centered on the classroom; discipline inspired by the British school system, teacher & student role play, the evil gym teacher, and many other educationally inspired elements to enhance your play.

Canes: From Sensual to Severe

**REVAMPED CLASS** Spare the rod? Learn about the wide variety of uses for canes, from sensual massage to the most severe corporal punishment.

Canes are an implement that strikes fear into even the most masochistic of bottoms because they are often used incorrectly. In the right hands, canes can be a wonderfully sensuous toy as well as a harsh tool for discipline.

**NEW IN 2020** Strap-ons can be enjoyable for people of all genders. It is a versatile style of play that can be used in any number of situations, such as “bend over boyfriend” scenarios, penetrative sex during chastity play, double penetration and more.

**TOP 10 POPULAR CLASS** What does it mean to be a Dominant?
Discover your own sense of dominance and become the Dominant you want to be in your relationships.

September is going to be a lot of fun and October has lots of spooky, kinky excitement too! Stay tuned for Foot Torture, Play Piercing, Playing Doctor (Special Halloween Edition!) and Interrogation 101!

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