So Many Classes!

I love teaching all about BDSM and this fall has so many opportunities for classes! Let’s take a look at what’s in store for the rest of the month!


What does it mean to be a Dominant?

How does being Dominant in the bedroom differ from being Dominant in a relationship?

How can you gain the confidence to become the Dominant you want to be?

The Discovering Dominance Workshop will explore these questions and more. As a group, we will talk about what Dominance means to each of us. We will tackle common roadblocks to Dominance as well as specific issues members of the group are having.

Sunday, October 23 @ 1PM EDT
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Bondage is a large part of BDSM – it’s what the “B” stands for, after all!

Come out and learn the basics of bondage! Ideal for those who are just starting out, or those who know the ropes, but want to improve their quick and effective ties. We will focus on rope bondage, but will also touch on favourites such as leather restraints, plastic wrap and tape bondage.

Wednesday, October 26 @ 7PM EDT
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Kinksters enjoy a wide range of medical play, much of it breaks the skin or is otherwise invasive to the body (such as sounding). This type of play requires a level of cleanliness and attention to detail that can be difficult to learn on one’s own, from a book or online. Medical Aseptic Technique for BDSM Play will demonstrate how to minimize risk while having fun.

Sunday, October 30 @ 1PM EDT
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Sneak Peek at November’s Classes…

Wednesday, November 2 @ 7PM EDT – Negotiating for BDSM Play & Relationships

Sunday, November 6 @ 1PM EST – Orgasm Control, Denial & Chastity –

Wednesday, November 9 @ 7PM EST – Wax Play Workshop –

Wednesday, November 16 @ 7PM EST – Cupping for Kink: Fire Cupping, Wet Cupping & More –

Sunday, November 20 @ 1PM EST – Suture Skills –

Wednesday, November 23 @ 7PM EST – Playing Doctor: Creating Realistic Medical Play

Sunday, November 27 @ 1PM EST – If You Love Somebody, Set Them on FIre: Fire Play 101 –

Wednesday, November 30 @ 7PM EST – Pussy Torture –

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