Canes: From Sensual to Severe

Canes are an implement that strikes fear into even the most masochistic of bottoms because they are often used incorrectly. In the right hands, canes can be a wonderfully sensuous toy as well as a harsh tool for discipline.

The workshop starts off with an anatomy and safety lesson. We learn about how the force is transferred from the cane to the skin and why canes can be dangerous in the wrong hands. We will discuss the precautions that should be taken when playing with a toy that is made from a natural, porous material that can also draw blood under the right circumstances.

The workshop will teach you about appropriate cane materials and cane maintenance. A good cane can last many years with proper care and a little TLC. We will discuss the differences between straight canes and canes with a curved handle as well as learning cane terminology.

We will learn a number of different cane strokes and when to apply them. We will focus both on lighter play techniques, as well as ‘cold caning’ or punishment caning for those more interested in the discipline side of canes.

Canes: From Sensual to Severe Workshop Length:

This class runs for 2 hours, including discussion and demo time.

Some demonstrations will be done on a live model, while others must be done on a practice pillow (they are quite intense and not feasible to do a proper demonstration in a class setting).

Canes: From Sensual to Severe Workshop Details:

This class is best suited to groups of 10 – 25 people.

For in-person classes, canes will be provided and participants are encouraged to try out some of the more sensual techniques for themselves. Students may try more intense strokes on the practice pillow.

The workshop is presented in gender-neutral terms, in recognition that not all people conform to a gender binary. References to body parts are in medical terms and gender is not assumed based on those parts. This class is a safe space for LGBTQA people, attendees are expected to respect that.