December Classes & Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays!

What a long, strange year it’s been. Let’s get kinky before giving 2020 a much needed one-finger salute.

I hope December finds you all healthy and happy. It’s going to be an odd holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate. My warmest wishes for those who have already celebrated their winter holidays and to those who will be celebrating this month.

We are going to be packing a month’s worth of classes into the first two weeks of December. Although this year won’t be filled with all the normal parties and family gatherings, we can still have a bit of fun online.

I’m also adding a special class this month, the first in what I hope will become a regular series for people with disabilities who are into kink. These will be free classes open to people with disabilities and their partners. 

Have someone kinky on your gift-giving list? Don’t worry, I have some great gift ideas!

Without further ado, lets take a look at what’s happening in December!

December Classes

Marking Your Territory: Watersports, Piss Play & Golden Showers

There are so many taboo things that kinky people enjoy, so many that walk the fine line between good taste and too far over the top. In this workshop, we’re probably going to cross that line – who am I kidding? We’re going to flat out piss all over it!

December 1 @ 7PM
Tickets for Marking Your Territory: Watersports, Piss Play & Golden Showers

Kinky Dating (Newly Updated)

Dating can be challenging, add BDSM to the mix and it can be downright intimidating. In this workshop, we will identify and learn to implement effective strategies for meeting kinky people. Through self-reflection, we will figure out who we are and what our ideal relationship looks like.
This class has recently been updated!

December 6 @ 1PM
Tickets for Kinky Dating 

Seated Sadist: Impact Play for People with Limited Mobility

Mobility shouldn’t get in the way of BDSM play!
This class will focus on impact and other sadistic forms of play that one can engage in while seated (or standing for short periods of time). You do not need to be a wheelchair user – you could be someone who is chronically ill and gets fatigued standing, a person with pain who can’t stand up for long, etc. If you think you will benefit, this class is for you!

December 10 @ 7PM
Tickets for Seated Sadist: Impact Play for People with Limited Mobility

Bondage for Beginners

Bondage is a large part of BDSM – it’s what the “B” stands for, after all!

Come out and learn the basics of bondage! Ideal for those who are just starting out, or those who know the ropes, but want to improve their quick and effective ties. We will focus on rope bondage, but will also touch on favourites such as leather restraints, plastic wrap and tape bondage.

December 13 @ 1pm
Tickets for Bondage for Beginners

Wax Play 101

Hot wax dripping over your partner’s naked, vulnerable flesh will send shivers of excitement down their spine and a rush of warmth over their skin – nothing more – as you both enjoy the relaxing flickering of the candlelight.

December 15 @ 7PM
Tickets for Wax Play 101

The Gift of BDSM Education

Practice Pillows

BDSM practice pillows are available via Teespring – get yours with a choice of chest designs. Pillows are double-sided, with a lovely ass on one side and a chest (with and without breasts) on the other. Original art for the pillows by @SageNoirArt

Get yours today on Teespring today!

Gift Cards

Get a gift card for one or more of my workshops. Choose a dollar value and let the recipient of your gift choose which class or classes to spend it on. Cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase and will be accepted at all classes that I run online (not valid for conventions or classes run by other organizations)

Buy a gift card for my classes

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