Denial, Chastity & Orgasm Control Workshop

Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control Workshop Description

Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control WorkshopHaving control of your partner’s orgasm can bring a real sense of power. Having that control extend beyond playtime can be exciting and enjoyable for both parties. In this Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control Workshop, we will discuss three different methods of controlling orgasms.

First, we will explore tease and denial. This can be a very popular kink for Tops and bottoms of all genders. Teasing your partner, getting them to the edge and not allowing them release is a wonderfully cruel way to play. The best part is that this is a game that can be played in person or from a distance – fantastic for those times you can’t be together. Combine tease and denial with some of the other techniques discussed in this workshop for a great evening of entertainment!

Chastity can be practised both short and long-term. You can use a device or the honour method. This portion of the workshop will cover these aspects of chastity and more. Get suggestions on how to determine the length of time your partner should be in chastity. Learn about health and safety issues concerning chastity. Discover the ways some people ‘cheat’ and how to get around them.

Orgasm control is an umbrella term that covers many subjects. In the last portion of this workshop, we will look at general orgasm control as well as ruined orgasms and forced orgasms. We will share ideas for controlling a partner’s orgasm to help get the creativity flowing. There are many ways to ruin an orgasm and it makes a fitting punishment for bottoms who can’t control themselves. Finally, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, as anyone who has been subjected to forced orgasms can attest. Learn different ways to overload your partner, so they are begging you to stop (in a good way, of course!)

Pair this workshop with the CBT Workshop, Pussy Torture Workshop or the Genitorture Workshop for a whole day of fun!

Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control Workshop Length

This workshop runs 2.5-3 hours in length (usually closer to 3 hours). It is divided into 3 segments of 45 minutes each, with a short break between.

  • Tease & Denial Play
  • Chastity
  • Orgasm Control Techniques (Forced Orgasm, Ruined Orgasm, etc)

There is also 30 minutes at the end of the workshop for questions.

Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control Workshop Details

This class is best suited to groups of 10 – 25 people.

The Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control Workshop is lecture style. While there won’t be any demos on live subjects, examples of gear, bondage, and other techniques will be shown in class. Techniques for all genders will be discussed during the workshop.

The Workshop is presented in gender-neutral terms. This class is a safe space for LGBTQA people, attendees are expected to respect that. When needed, genitals are referred to using medical terms. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.

The Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control Workshop has an optional PowerPoint presentation, to help visual learners. A screen and projector are required for this option.