Cupping for Kink: Fire Cupping, Wet Cupping & More

Cupping can be a fun and versatile type of play. Fire cupping can be exciting, put on a good show and be an interesting form of sensation play. Cups can be used dry or wet – where the skin is pierced and blood is drawn up into the cup.

Bonus: the bottom often ends up looking like they lost a fight with a giant squid/octopus!

We will cover the difference between cupping for kink vs traditional medicine, safety, basic techniques with fire cups as well as a few alternatives if fire isn’t your thing (or you’re somewhere that fire is prohibited). We will discuss where to buy quality cups and what to avoid. Finally, we will go over what to expect afterwards and how to do cup-specific aftercare.

Cupping for Kink: Fire Cupping, Wet Cupping & More Workshop Length:

This class runs for 2 hours, including discussion and demo time.

The number and type of demonstrations can either lengthen or shorten the workshop time.

This workshop goes great with If You Love Somebody, Set them on Fire: Fire Play 101

Cupping for Kink: Fire Cupping, Wet Cupping & More Workshop Details:

This class is best suited to groups of 10 – 25 people.

Please note that wet cupping involves blood. Demonstrations including blood are done using best practices and materials are disposed of according to local regulations. This demo is optional, if you would prefer no blood, please request this while booking. A warning is given before pictures, demos or discussion of blood.

The workshop is presented in gender-neutral terms, in recognition that not all people conform to a gender binary. References to body parts are in medical terms and gender is not assumed based on those parts. This class is a safe space for LGBTQA people, attendees are expected to respect that.