January Workshops

Having control of your partner’s orgasm can bring a real sense of power. Having that control extend beyond playtime can be exciting and enjoyable for both parties. In this Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control Workshop, we will discuss three different methods of controlling orgasms.

Sunday, January 10th, 1pm – 4pm EST

Internal genitalia presents some unique challenges and opportunities for torture and torment. Understanding the anatomy of the vulva is key to maximizing your ability to cause squirming (of the good variety). In this Pussy Torture Workshop, we will discuss various features of the anatomy of the vulva which are of interest and how to inflict pain without damage. We will first undertake the anatomy lesson you should have had in school, to better understand the vulva. We will endeavour to find the ‘elusive’ clitoris (spoiler alert: it’s rather hard to miss). We will learn the difference between the vagina and all the rest.

Into or interested in both polyamory and power exchange? Worried it will never work? Don’t worry, it can and does work for many people in both the kink and poly communities every day! It’s a little more complicated than just doing one or the other but both poly and kinky people seem to love complicated (myself included)!

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