Corsets: Waist Training & Tightlacing Workshop

Corsets: Waist Training & Tightlacing Workshop Description

Corsets are the quintessential kinky clothing item. They are worn by people of all orientations and all genders for a variety of reasons. Corsets are meant to enhance the silhouette, trim the waist and give a pleasing shape to the body. Both waist training or tight lacing are a form of temporary body modification. Learn the ins and outs of these two, often complimentary, techniques in the Corsets: Wasit Training & Tightlacing Workshop.

Understanding the difference between waist training and tight lacing is important to begin one’s corseting journey. We will discuss the differences and similarities, as well as looking at examples of both forms of using corsets.

We will take a peek at corset construction – including the construction of men’s corsets – so that we can better identify appropriate corsets when making a purchase. You will learn how to tell the difference between a ‘fashion’ corset and one designed to reduce the waist. Examples will be provided, with the ability to try some real corsets on (depending on size).

Finally, there will be an in-depth look at tight lacing and waist training, so that you can do both in a safe and comfortable manner. Participants will learn how to properly begin a waist training regimen that is sustainable long term. Subjects such as sizing, sleeping in your corset and day to day difficulties will be discussed. Further resources for waist training will be provided.

Please note that this class is open to people of all gender identities. We will explore corseting for all genders and how to achieve a more dramatic silhouette.

Corsets: Waist Training & Tightlacing Workshop Length

The workshop runs around 2.5 hours, including time for questions and discussions.

This workshop can be shortened to fit time slots of at least 1.25 hours.

Corsets: Waist Training & Tightlacing Workshop Details

This workshop is suited for audiences of any size. Smaller groups will allow for more time to get ‘hands-on’ with the corsets. Participants will have the chance to handle and try on (depending on size) different styles of corsets.

This workshop is presented in gender-neutral terms, in recognition that not all people conform to a gender binary. This class is a safe space for LGBTQA people, attendees are expected to respect that.

This workshop has an optional PowerPoint presentation, to help visual learners. A screen and projector are required to include the PowerPoint presentation.