Seated Sadist: Impact Play for Tops With Limited Mobility

I am both a wheelchair/crutch user & a BDSM educator. I had to re-learn a lot of my kinky skills or adapt them to be able to become an effective top while remaining seated. I’m here to share what I’ve learned over my years as an abled and now disabled dominant /top/sadist.

This class will focus on impact and other complimentary, sadistic forms of play that one can engage in while seated (or standing for short periods of time). You do not need to be a wheelchair user – you could be someone who is chronically ill and gets fatigued standing, a person with pain who can’t stand up for long, etc. If you think you will benefit from learning impact skills that you can do from a chair of any sort, this class is for you!

There will be a combination of demonstrations, group questions and crowd-sourcing solutions to your issues. You can send in your questions ahead of time for anonymity or ask during class, whichever you prefer.

Please note that this class is specifically for people who identify as having a disability, chronic illness, etc. We will adopt the widest possible definition of disability in an attempt to be as inclusive as possible – no diagnosis needed and no gatekeeping. Partners of such people are also welcome to participate, as long as they don’t speak over the disabled/chronically ill people. Devotees looking for fap material can skip this class.

Seated Sadist: Impact Play for Tops With Limited Mobility Workshop Length:

This class runs for 1.5 – 2 hours, including discussion and demo time.

The number and type of demonstrations can either lengthen or shorten the workshop time.

Seated Sadist: Impact Play for Tops With Limited Mobility Workshop Details:

This class is best suited to groups of 10 – 25 people.

This workshop does require an accessible space. Considerations should be made for people who use wheelchairs (open space for them to park, room to move around) as well as those who use other mobility devices (chairs with enough space to move around them).

Some attendees may require other accommodations. If you require something that you are worried may not be available, please let me know so that I can ensure it’s available for you. I will do my absolute best to accommodate everyone, but this may not always be possible. If it is not, I will tell you so that we can explore suitable alternatives.

The workshop is presented in gender-neutral terms, in recognition that not all people conform to a gender binary. References to body parts are in medical terms and gender is not assumed based on those parts. This class is a safe space for LGBTQA people, attendees are expected to respect that.