February 2021 Workshops

It’s cold outside & many of us are under lockdown, which means that this is the perfect time to brush up on your kinky skills! Join me for one or more of my introductory or advanced BDSM classes.

In February, I’m introducing two new “bundles” – multiple discounted classes on a single ticket. Save $5 on each class in the bundle and only pay the processing fees once!

Six amazing BDSM introductory classes on one ticket! A combination of theory & hands-on elements will get you started in your kink journey

BDSM Basics
Negotiation for BDSM Play & Relationships
Wax Play 101
Bondage for Beginners
Discovering Dominance
Orgasm Control, Denial & Chastity

Total savings: $30! ($5/class)

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Into medical play? Attend all of my current medical play classes and get $5 off each one!

Medical Aseptic Technique for BDSM 
Play Piercing 101
Suture Skills
Blood Play
Playing Doctor: Creating Realistic Medical Role Play

Total Savings $25!

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Individual Classes
All classes are available on an individual basis, just choose which ones you would like to attend!

Enemas are firmly in the category of taboo play, but they can be a very versatile tool for a Top to use. They can be used to give both pleasure and discomfort, making them both a reward and a punishment.

Tuesday, February 2 @ 7PM EST
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Canes are an implement that strikes fear into even the most masochistic of bottoms because they are often used incorrectly. In the right hands, canes can be a wonderfully sensuous toy as well as a harsh tool for discipline.

Sunday, February 7 @ 1PM EST
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Brand new to BDSM, but don’t know where to start?

A combination of kink theory and hands-on skills will set you up to get started tonight! Learn basic terminology, relationship styles, basic bondage and how to deliver a sensual spanking both Dominant and submissive (or top and bottom) will enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16 @ 7 PM
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Kinksters enjoy a wide range of medical play, much of it breaks the skin or is otherwise invasive to the body (such as sounding). This type of play requires a level of cleanliness and attention to detail that can be difficult to learn on one’s own, from a book or online. Medical Aseptic Technique for BDSM Play will demonstrate how to minimize risk while having fun.

Sunday, February 21 @ 1PM EST
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Negotiation is one of the fundamental skills a person needs to explore BDSM. It is how we get the scenes and relationships we want, it ensures that we are on the same page as our partners and helps to ensure that we have affirmative, informed consent. 

Tuesday, February 23 @ 7PM EST
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Play Piercing is very popular in kink culture, however, finding a knowledgeable and experienced person to teach you is difficult. Morgan Thorne comes from both a medical and professional piercing background – she has a deep understanding of medical asepsis techniques and why they must be observed, even between fluid bonded partners. Play Piercing 101 is the most thorough workshop for BDSM/kink play piercing practices.

Sunday, February 28 @ 1PM EST
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