Freaking Out Over Blac Chyna

I’m not sure if Elite Daily Editor/Writer Anna Menta is writing click-bait because she’s bored or if she is genuinely concerned about an ad for Blac Chyna’s new cosmetics launch. In this editorial piece, she is freaking out over Blac Chyna and what happens in the video.

Freaking out over Blac Chyna and BDSM

So let’s get something out of the way first. I thought this video was pretty tame and very cheesy. I think that was what was intended – I have a hard time thinking that anyone watching (other than perhaps Anna Menta) could take this seriously. I think it was intended as a campy, fun way to build excitement for the product line (or whatever it is, as much as I love makeup, I’m kinda out of the loop), which is called “Lashed”. It seems fitting that a BDSM ad campaign is being used here.

So let’s look at Menta’s objections to the video. I will provide her comments in blockquote and mine below.

The “Interrogation”

The evil queen demands, “Tell me where the products are!” The woman insists she doesn’t know and gets her life threatened for it.

This is the opening scene, pretty much as described above, minus an actual death threat. Perhaps the person standing with a whip is the threat? The woman is tied (poorly) to a chair and the ‘evil queen’ has her hand on the woman’s throat. I guess they didn’t have time/inclination to consult any actual riggers for the ad…

freaking out over blac chyna bdsm lashed fetish kinkSend out the (fabulous) search party!

“She left hours ago,” Chyna commands into the phone. “Go see where she is.”

I don’t think anyone can fault Blac Chyna for sending out the search party for her missing employee.

Wait? What?!?

Also, Chyna is for some reason at a pro-life rally? Is this video really the time to plug your anti-choice propaganda, Chyna? Really?

Ok, I’m totally with Menta here. Not cool. This BDSM blog/educational site is pro-choice thank you! This is the real reason we should be freaking out over Blac Chyna – anti-choice BS needs to be called out!

Ugh, you can’t really dress like a “Dominatrix”…

Two women, who are also dressed vaguely like dominatrices, head out to follow Blac Chyna’s orders.  So… what you’re saying is Blac Chyna puts her employees in extremely dangerous situations…?

I mean I guess if you take “Dominatrix” to mean professional dominant and assume all pros dress like a bad cliche, then yeah. But most dominant women wear and play in whatever they want, whether is thousands of dollars worth of leather or fuzzy pink slippers and a robe. I just really hate bad stereotypes.

For the record, as a professional Dominatrix, I’ve done sessions dressed as a gym teacher from the 80’s, various business suits/office attire, dressed as an 1800’s era schoolmistress, jeans and a hoodie, colourful spandex (think pro-wrestling meets superhero meets glam…), and many other interesting outfits.

I think they were going for waterboarding?

Meanwhile, Chyna seems pretty unconcerned that one to three of her employees may die soon…despite the fact that the woman in the chair is seconds away from getting freakin’ chloroformed.

freaking out over blac chyna bdsm kink fetish lashedDid we mistake a cheesy ad campaign for reality? I’m assuming we need to all admire how Blac Chyna is totally cool under pressure and knows her friend will be rescued by her other glamorous friends. Also, I’m assuming that the ad was trying to simulate waterboarding (again, poorly) not chloroform.

“Chloroform” play is usually done with a bit of perfume on a rag, held over the person’s nose and mouth until they “get sleepy”. It’s a role play, since actual chloroform is, you know, potentially deadly (but that’s a rant for another day). Waterboarding, also potentially dangerous, is usually done in BDSM communities by restraining the person, using a wet cloth over the mouth and nose with a trickle of water.

Oh well, I’m probably being a little too picky here, but it’s my blog 🙂

The dramatic ending

Her rescuers show up eventually, but like… it kind of seems like she is dead already? The video ends on a shot of this box, which apparently is the part of the video we’re supposed to care about.

So that’s the basic video. I don’t really understand why we are freaking out over Blac Chyna and her cheesy ad campaign. It’s a bad depiction of BDSM, sure, but most kink in the media is pretty terrible. This is no worse than most. I’ve included an embed if you want to watch it in full:

What’s in the Box? 😳 Find out now @lashedcosmetics

A post shared by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Menta, are you OK?

Like, what the fuck did I just watch?

Blac Chyna abuses her employees, is pro-life and apparently all of her products might be tainted with blood?

Yeah, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not really in the mood to buy some lash extensions, makeup and whatever else that Lashed place sells after watching that.

So again, I ask: Chyna, you OK?

freaking out over blac chyna bdsm fetish kink lashedI think there is more drama in those last few lines than in the whole video. It’s worrying to know that some people, who, I assume, have been exposed to BDSM ideas before, think that an interest in kink makes one sick. This isn’t even a genuine expression of interest in kink – it’s using BDSM imagery to sell a product, something we have all seen time and time again. Unless we think that this vodka company, T-Mobile, and Party Poker (and many more) are all into BDSM?

So let’s save our freaking out over Blac Chyna for the things that really matter, like this whole anti-choice thing, ok?



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