Workshop in Toronto – Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control

Join Ms Morgan Thorne for an evening of Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control at Kink BDSM Boutique in Toronto! Buy your tickets here – Get them quick, these workshops sell out quickly!

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Toronto Workshop – Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control

Having control of your partner’s orgasm can bring a real sense of power. Having that control extend beyond playtime can be exciting and enjoyable for both parties. In this Denial, Chastity, & Orgasm Control Workshop, we will discuss three different methods of controlling orgasms.

First, we will explore tease and denial. This can be a very popular kink for Tops and bottoms of all genders. Teasing your partner, getting them to the edge and not allowing them release is a wonderfully cruel way to play. The best part is that this is a game that can be played in person or from a distance – fantastic for those times you can’t be together. Combine tease and denial with some of the other techniques discussed in this workshop for a great evening of entertainment!

Chastity can be practised both short and long-term. You can use a device or the honour method. This portion of the workshop will cover these aspects of chastity and more. Get suggestions on how to determine the length of time your partner should be in chastity. Learn about health and safety issues concerning chastity. Discover the ways some people ‘cheat’ and how to get around them.

Orgasm control is an umbrella term that covers many subjects. In the last portion of this workshop, we will look at general orgasm control as well as ruined orgasms and forced orgasms. We will share ideas for controlling a partner’s orgasm to help get the creativity flowing. There are many ways to ruin an orgasm and it makes a fitting punishment for bottoms who can’t control themselves. Finally, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, as anyone who has been subjected to forced orgasms can attest. Learn different ways to overload your partner, so they are begging you to stop (in a good way, of course!)

Singles, couples, triads and more are welcome to attend this class. You do not need a partner as this class focuses on the how to not the hands-on (of course, we will have lots of hands-on toys to check out, but it’s hard to demo long-term chastity in a 3-hour class….)

Buy your tickets here before they sell out! Space is limited to 20 people.

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