October 2020 Class Schedule

It’s that time of year again – my personal favourite! This year is going to be a bit different, I’m sad that I will be missing all of the haunted houses, gatherings with friends, costume parties and other fun that we are all so used to during Spooky Season.

I wanted to make sure my classes were on theme, extra spooky and special, to make up for the lack of proper Halloween activities. I’ve made some fun changes to my Playing Doctor class, to emphasize the horror aspects of medical play. I’m introducing a Blood Play 101 class – a class I’ve resisted teaching for quite some time now (I will explain why during the class). I’m having fun getting ready, visiting the medical supply shop, ordering leaches and decorating the dungeon!

This month will see a slight increase in class prices, to come in line with the ticket price of many other educators out there. To ease that, I’m offering Early Bird tickets – Buy your ticket more than 2 weeks in advance of a class and you save $5!

Thank you all for your support and let’s have the best Halloween/October that we possibly can!

Foot torture is a varied and intense form of play that appeals to a wide range of kinksters, foot fetishists, masochists, and those just looking for something new and different.

Play Piercing is very popular in kink culture, however, finding a knowledgeable and experienced person to teach you is difficult. Morgan Thorne comes from both a medical and professional piercing background – she has a deep understanding of medical asepsis techniques and why they must be observed, even between fluid bonded partners. Play Piercing 101 is the most thorough workshop for BDSM/kink play piercing practices.

You asked for it, I deliver!
Not for the squeamish, this is the real deal. Learn how to engage in bloodletting and general blood play with live demos!

Want more terrifying realism in your medical scenes? Whether you’re a true-to-life role player or one who likes to turn reality up a few notches, this workshop aims to help with both approaches. In this version of the workshop, we will focus on some of the frightening characters from our medical nightmares – the Plague Doctor and the Evil Scientist while also keeping a firm grounding in reality.

Combine bondage, fear play, various “torture” methods and you get interrogation play! Learn some basic skills & safety to enhance your play

Sneak peak for November…
Cock and Ball Torture is surprisingly popular among people who possess them! We will follow a philosophy of hurt, not harm and practice RACK

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