Thuddy Paddle or Stingy Paddle?

Thuddy Paddle or Stingy Paddle?

Should you buy a thuddy paddle or stingy paddle? It really depends on both you and your partner. It’s the age-old BDSM question of Thud versus Sting!

Thuddy sensations are generally felt deeper in the body and will often leave bruises. Stingy sensations are more surface oriented and are more likely to leave welts. Many people prefer the feeling of one over the other, but some enjoy both sensations. Knowing what your partner enjoys can help you find the perfect paddle, one they will love – or one they will love or hate.

Perfect for me may not be perfect for you

I have a wooden paddle with studs, but I’m not crazy about it. It’s big and just not my style. Others have used it and love it. It spreads the pain out over a wider area, but the studs add to the impact. It’s pretty thuddy but just doesn’t fit my hand very well. You can see with this example, that a great paddle for one person is not always a good paddle for another. You may want to discuss what type of sensation the bottom enjoys during your negotiations. One bottom will love a thuddy paddle, while another will crave a stingy paddle.

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Dollar store pervertables

thuddy paddle or stingy paddle pervertable dollar store toys wooden spoon spankingIf you aren’t sure what you want, I suggest dollar store shopping! Your local discount store has all sorts of pervertables and will have a selection of items you can use as a thuddy paddle or stingy paddle.

I have a wicked wooden spoon that is really harsh. It’s bamboo, but you can find wooden spoons, plastic spatulas (be careful of breaking them) or better yet silicone. Buy a heavy one. It has the added bonus of invoking memories of childhood punishments for some.

Hard plastic shoe horns (the long ones) work well too. Very harsh – they don’t have any give to them.

Paint stir sticks are awesome too. Get two and tape them together with some electrical tape to make a handle. You now have a slapper. Makes one hell of a noise!

Leather & ‘traditional’ discipline

Leather paddles can run the range of stingy to thuddy. I have a few that are pretty stiff that I like. Leather also invokes that BDSM feeling and is great for use in traditional discipline scenes.

A baby brush also works well. Make sure it’s a wooden one though. Impact tool on one side, sensation toy on the other. The bristles are great on nipples or the head of a cock.

Sometimes the addition of a pair of leather gloves helps. It will dull the sensations for you, hurting your hand less (if that’s the problem) and add a nice sensation for your bottom. They also look bad ass and fit into the whole BDSM “look”.

Sex store shopping

While I’m not usually a fan of the toys found at sex stores, I did find one rubber paddle that I was impressed with. Each side has a different pattern of rubber studs and there are holes in it. Paddles with holes will hurt more because there is less ‘wind resistance’ as you swing it and no cushion of air between the paddle and the bottom. I only paid about $10 for it, so it was a great deal!

Support your local artisans!

thuddy paddle or stingy paddle bdsm play toys fetishI would advise against ordering off of eBay or similar sites because you’re usually getting cheap mass produced stuff that won’t stand up. Buy toys that you can see and feel unless it’s from a reputable vendor online.

Check out your community to see if there are any kink markets coming up. Usually, these will fall around big holidays for shopping – Christmas and Valentine’s day are typical. Some communities may even have enough artisans and shoppers to support monthly markets. You will find an amazing range of deliciously evil toys and the thuddy paddle or stingy paddle of your dreams!

The key to kink is creativity. Half my toys are pervertables found at the dollar store or other regular stores. So don’t go spending too much money until you know what you like. Then head off to the sex shop or better yet, wait for a kink fair in your area where they have vendors! I always like to support my local craftspeople. I love supporting my community in this way and I get much better quality toys.

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